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All items are selected pieces from sporting history, or are relics or memorabillia from famous sportsmen and sportswomen! All items are original and/or unique, proven by a certificate of authenticity is provided with each article. Don't forget to visit our virtual AGON-Antique Sporting Shop and our AGON-Auction pages, where you will find further top rare articles!

AGON SportsWorld GmbH

Our mail order company in Kassel, Germany has a clientele of around 50,000 satisfied customers, who, world wide share their interest for sport and memorabilia with AGON. Why should such a large number of specialists, experts, collectors and enthusiasts keep coming back to AGON Sports Articles? The answer is obvious, our customers know what they can get in their normal bookshops, but better still they know, that our regularly published catalogues offer a much wider spectrum of sports literature and sports articles that even satisfies sports fans with sometimes very unusual wishes! [ more.. ]

AGON Sportauctions

AGON SportauctionsAt our frequent Sports Memorabilia Auctions we offer collectors, fans and sports enthusiasts the possibility to bid and buy some of the rarest sports books, fan articles, autographs or valuable keepsakes and relics from all sectors of the sporting world. Customers can of course offer their own collections and memorabilia for the auction in commission. These interesting auctions take place regularly, either live auctions with auctioneer, and/or online or mail order auctions. At the live AGON Auctions you have various possibilities of taking part and bidding; you can choose between enjoying the prickling atmosphere by being live on site, or making your bids per telephone, or stating your maximal bid in advance per post. [ more.. ]

AGON Antique Sports Bookshop

In our antiquarian sports bookshop which is also credited as being one of the most comprehensive in Europe, we have constant stocks of nearly 6,000 sports books, many of which are not only old and rare, but have, more than often, been out of print for some length of time. Around 5,000 sports newspapers and magazines round off a collection of sporting curiosities compiled from a period spanning the last 120 years! The titles represent a large scope of sporting fields, for example: football, the Olympics, track & field, boxing, winter sports, swimming, ice sports, cycling, equestrian sport and many, many more. Several times a year we publish catalogues and lists of new acquisitions from the Antique Sports Bookshop to provide our customers with an updated insight of the current articles on offer. [ more.. ]